This is what the people have to say!

This weekend was absolutely an awesome weekend! The BBBE displays so much humility and awesome organizing skills amazed me! It was such an honor to be amongst so many inspiring and hungry beauty professionals!


Had a great time at the @bbbexpo. Speaking to and hearing real advice from Emmy Award Winning MUA "Reggie Wells" He gave us 100% honest business info/critique whether you liked what he said or not, it came from a good place so it was appreciated.

"You have to stand out- You have to be unique in some way"  


This show is the best! Full concept on a Cosmetology, Barbering Beauty educational show going on in the Industry. Much Success to you in all your future Endeavors. Class was a Blast.


This weekend I had a chance to be around Greatness at the @bbbexpo.  I met some very inspiring people and I learned alot.  Thank you for caring enough to want to see us all do better.  Because without people like you the world will be doomed. Thanks Again!


So much Fun! I've never been to such an informative fun filled, educational and hands-on experience ever! And I have been some places! Keep doing what you  do and I look forward to next year and beyond..


Great Expo! My students were glad they went.  Even though I teach French to some of the girls, I was able to see a bit of what goes into the art and business of styling, etc.  The panel was motivational.